The Modular Synthesizer

What is this page about, you may ask. It is a collection of notes, circuit diagrams and stories about the creation of my modular synthesizer, the "Catgirl Synth" as it has been dubbed by others. This synthesizer is mostly analog, and is based on the 1 volt per octave standards set by Moog.


PLEASE read this before attempting to build anything from these pages.

     An introduction, Ricks 4600 and details of my Serge.
D.I.Y. Synthesizer modules and how to build them.
PCBs for sale
Printed circuit boards for D.I.Y. synthesizer modules.
Audio Synthesis via Vacuum Tubes
Sounds different, looks different. Try some tube based synthesizer modules.
Other Projects
Interfacing to PC parallel ports to scan keyboards, drive DCOs or VCOs etc.
Electronic Organs
The organ as a source of synthesizer parts.
The Hohnerola, one of the earliest electronic organs.
The Lowrey Citation.
Some other synthesizer sites of interest.
The Ultimate Synthesiser resource. The host of CGS, thanks to Paul Maddox.
CGS Forum
CGS Forum on
Please read and understand this disclaimer before using any of the designs presented on this web site.

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